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Affordable Housing Plan

Where we lay our head at night determines so much about our life: whether we have access to clean air and water, healthy food, economic security, and a strong education. But corporate interests and government corruption have turned America’s real estate industry into a $1.9 trillion business that favors the wealthy and preys on the American people. Tom’s administration will ensure that everyone in America has access to safe and affordable housing.

His plan will spur the construction of new affordable development, focusing on healthy, climate-smart communities centered around clean transportation systems. To help all families build a stable future, Tom will broaden pathways to homeownership and offer tax breaks for low-income and middle-class renters. With environmental justice at the center, Tom will correct for historically discriminatory policies that have prevented communities of color from home ownership by building green infrastructure in redlined neighborhoods and introducing laws that protect vulnerable individuals from the destabilizing impacts of gentrification.

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