The Right to a Living Wage

America has always strived to be a nation where everyone can rise as far as their potential will take them.

Over the last forty years, I’ve seen America digress and move away from the forward momentum of progress that we had collectively achieved as a nation. Today, our economy booms but the average budget tightens. Wallets thin out while greedy corporations rake in trillions of dollars in profits year after year, and working Americans are increasingly powerless to claim their piece of our prosperity.

Most people are denied a fair paycheck and the life of dignity it provides. We’ve gone from a place where workers were considered part of the company, to where workers are considered a cost to the company.

In 1978, CEO pay was roughly 30 times that of typical worker salaries in the United States. These days? It’s 271 times.

This is wrong — pure and simple. Every American must be guaranteed a living wage, because economic fairness is essential to the freedom to pursue opportunity. No one should be forced to work three jobs just to survive, and no one should see their raise eaten up by the rising cost of living.

We need Congress to recognize and protect the 5 Rights so we can have a chance at true freedom. Join us.