The Right to Learn

A good, equitable education opens up the world. A degree or certificate says, “I can compete in this 21st century economy.” It gives you the means to pursue your dreams and contribute to our society.

That doesn’t mean everyone needs a graduate degree. It doesn’t even mean everyone needs a bachelor’s degree. But it does mean that everyone should be able to open the door to a good school, and gain the knowledge they need to succeed, without worrying about the cost.

Our government has to keep those doors open to everyone, but the Republican agenda of demonizing teachers, framing public education as a costly burden, and gutting education spending — all so they can cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy — means our system is suffering.

Schools in Oklahoma and Colorado can’t stay open for a full five-day week. Students in Rhode Island and Michigan are suing their states because their public high schools don’t properly teach them fundamental things like civics and literacy. Virtually all our public school teachers spend some of their own pay on school supplies for their classes.

Americans collectively owe $1.5 trillion in student loans. This is unacceptable. Everyone must be able to acquire new skills, start new careers, and work for whatever it is they want.

We insist Congress recognize and protect the 5 Rights. Will you join us?