The Right to Health

Right now, in this country, we don’t have a healthcare problem. We have a serious ACCESS problem, and a COST problem. We are spending far more to get less: On average, other well-off countries spend a little over $5,000 a year, and they manage to cover everyone. And if it isn’t free for their citizens, it’s heavily subsidized. In America, we spend over $10,000 per person on healthcare each year, for less effective, less consistent care than those countries provide.

Pharmaceutical companies continue to raise prices of drugs — not because production of these drugs got significantly more expensive, but because they wanted to increase their own profits. Many Americans are living without coverage, praying they won’t get sick and go bankrupt trying to pay off their medical debts.

Healthcare must be a RIGHT, not a privilege — and our government must act to protect the foundations of our health.

Join us in demanding our representatives stand up for the 5 Rights.