Pollution is everywhere, choking the air we breathe and contaminating the water we drink. It is literally killing people — cutting years off many Americans’ lives, threatening everyone’s health and safety, and pushing our planet towards a climate catastrophe.

And none of this is happening by accident.

Residents in Flint, Michigan, are 54 percent African-American and nearly 42 percent live below the poverty line. They were exposed to dangerous, lead-filled water when Republicans running the state decided to switch the city’s water supply to the polluted Flint River, because it was cheaper than clean water from Lake Huron.

In Fresno, California, where over 49 percent of the people are Latino and nearly 3 in 10 are poor, soot pollution makes air quality among the worst in the country, thanks to dirty power plants coughing out chemicals that cause sickeningly high asthma rates.

For big businesses — and way too many politicians — driving corporate profits up matters more than keeping people alive and well. Cheap beats safe, especially when you have a coal lobbyist in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency.

We must demand environmental justice — because no one has the right to poison us to make more money.

Join us and urge our new Congress to protect the 5 Rights.